GLN & Associates, LLC Was Developed To Meet Several Unmet Needs:

1. Local public, private, and non-profit organizations face a myriad of governance and sustainability issues – land use planning, air quality, clean water, and emissions reduction including greenhouse gases, noise and overhead light diminution, increasing infrastructure reliability while decreasing costs, stabilizing energy rates, enhancing local jobs, and promoting sustainable development and buildings.

2. There is a need to quickly move beyond the “low hanging fruit” approach to meaningful solutions that offer more than just feel good actions. Decision and choices to address problems/issues must be quick and must achieve measureable positive results in a short time horizon.

3. In the last decade immense progress has been made in analysis, assessment, technologies, and services to assist and address the challenges local governments and communities face. So while previously there were few choices and options, now the opposite is true, the choices and options have never been so great. 

4. Today, more than ever, today’s organizations – public, private, and non-profit need to make wise energy and environmental choices. This decision-making process can be enhanced by drawing upon existing lessons learned and best practices. These decisions need to enhance the organization’s potential to reach its desired goal. In addition, the decision-making and implementation processes need to be transparent, clearly communicating the actual and potential effects constituents, stakeholders, and the public. 

GLN & Associates’ Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives & Values Respond to the Unmet Needs

Mission: (What GLN & A Does)
1) To assess, plan and implement policies and projects that promote sustainability in the use of energy and other environmental resources, and

2) To provide the highest quality professional service to clients to meet today’s challenges through optimizing existing resources with new technology in the areas of sustainability, energy and environmental resources.

Vision: (What GLN & A Wants To Be Known For)
To be recognized for its technical competence, professional experience, and above all, responsiveness to clients’ sustainability needs.

Goal: (What GLN & Associates Ultimately Wants To See Its Business Achieve)
1) To promote sustainability by indentifying or developing environmentally responsible business, government and institutional practices for its clients.

2) To provide a model and framework so that each client’s project maximizes value and reduces the client’s environmental footprint. 

Objectives: (How GLN & Associates Plans to Achieve Its Goals)
1) To identify potentially complex issues before they become problems and assist clients in understanding and dealing with those issues early in the process

2) To provide superior and creative project development and solutions.

Values: (What are the values that drive GLN &A)
GLN & Associates is committed to contributing to the economic, job creation and environmental growth and sustainability of the communities in which we work.