GLN & Associates, LLC: The Associates

George L. Nichols & Associates, LLC has assembled a team of well-qualified professionals with both academic and practical government and private sector experience in the areas of sustainability, economics, energy management, strategic marketing, and policy development.

George L. Nichols is President of George L. Nichols & Associates, LLC. Prior to forming his own company in 2010, Mr. Nichols served over 30 years with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) serving until recently as Principal Environmental Planner and Energy Manger, MWCOG Department of Environmental Programs. In that capacity, he served as the chief environmental manager and technical liaison for the development and implementation of strategies for climate change, green building, land use compatibility and aviation noise planning, energy resources management, and sustainable development. Mr. Nichols has demonstrated leadership in the area of energy contingency planning, regional energy preparedness, and energy policy development and implementation.
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Scott Sklar
has served for 10 years as President of his clean technology optimizing firm, The Stella Group, Ltd.  After running the biomass power and solar industry associations side-by-side for 15 years he formed the Stella Group, Ltd.

The Stella Group, Ltd. is a strategic marketing and policy firm for clean distributed energy users and companies which include advanced batteries and controls, biofuels (biodiesels, butanol, ethanol and cellulosics), energy efficiency and chp, fuel cells, geoexchange, heat engines, minigeneration (natural gas), microhydropower, modular biomass, photovoltaics, small wind, and solar thermal (including daylighting, water heating, industrial preheat, building air-conditioning, and electric power generation), and waste heat. The Stella Group, Ltd. blends distributed energy technologies, aggregates financing (including leasing), with a focus on system standardization. Scott Sklar, the Group's founder and president, lives in a solar home in Arlington, Virginia and his coauthored book, A Consumer Guide to Solar Energy, was re-released for its third printing, and his coauthored book: ‘The Forbidden Fuel: Power Alcohol in the Twentieth Century was updated and re-released in 2010 for its second printing, and he is a constant commentary and Q&A contributor to the largest clean energy web portal:

Scott Sklar is Chair of the Steering Committee of the Sustainable Energy Coalition and serves on the (non-profit) Boards of Directors of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, and the Renewable Energy Policy Project, and CoChairs the Policy Committee of the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council. Scott Sklar is now an Adjunct Professor at The George Washington University teaching a unique interdisciplinary sustainable energy course beginning September 2010.
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Don Edwards
, Founder, Principal and CEO, Justice & Sustainability Associates, LLC
Don Edwards is internationally recognized as one of the most deft mediators and process designers working today in the field of land use and development. In the U.S., he is acknowledged as a “go-to” facilitator by federal, regional, state and local planning, transportation, parks and economic development agencies, corporations, universities, foundations and community-based organizations

Since founding Justice & Sustainability Associates, LLC in 1999, Don has helped transform the civic cultures of the District of Columbia, Newark, and Detroit by setting and then raising performance standards regarding the public’s and clients’ expectations of contractors delivering land use
decision-making and civic engagement services.

As a resident of the District of Columbia for more than 25 years and a student of “human habitats” across the world, Don Edwards has designed and facilitated its most complex development projects, including the Strategic Neighborhood Planning Initiative, the city-wide site evaluation and eventual master planning of the National’s Baseball Park site and neighborhood, and the four-year long assessment and revision of the District of Columbia’s Comprehensive Plan.      

Projects of international significance that Don Edwards has designed and managed civic engagement for include the District’s Anacostia Waterfront Initiative, the African Burial Ground National Monument in Manhattan, the National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall, and the Detroit Works Project. Since 2008, Edwards has also designed and managed the civic engagement program for the District’s Department of Transportation $350 million replacement of the 11th Street Bridges.
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