GLN & Associates’ Services Focus on Sustainability

GLN & Associates’ areas of services focus on sustainability, which enables our firm to seamlessly integrate diverse service and facilitate responsiveness to client needs.
  • Strategic Marketing And Policy Development
  • Clean Distributed Energy
  • Energy Contingency and Energy Homeland Security
  • Energy and Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Program Development and Evaluation
  • Renewable Energy and Clean Fuel Technology
  • Sustainable Development with Emphasis on Energy Efficient, Green Building, and Climate Change Strategies
  • Community Outreach and Event Planning
  • Economic Analysis
  • Economic Modelling
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Performance Measurement and Management

GLN & A’s Competitive Value (Value Added)
Completive advantage is 30 years plus of practical and academic experience in designing and managing issues at various levels of local, state, and federal government. 

GLN & Associates’ Model: Blending Technology for Immediate Impact
In today’s economic environment of limited resources and increased demand, with community empowerment as a co-determinant of success or failure, resource efficacy becomes the guiding principle. Strategic goal attainment can be achieved through a strict displinary approach to addressing issues and communicating and involving impact stakeholders in the process from the ground level. These decisions need to simultaneously maximize positive outreach and education and public awareness about the choices and decisions made.  

  • Technology Optimization
  • Financial Blending and Leveraging
  • Quick Bridge Decision Making for Maximum Benefits
  • Marketing and Outreach